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High-altitude Operation Truck

Product categories of High-altitude Operation Truck, we are specialized manufacturers from China, High-Altitude Operation Truck, Aerial Platform Truck suppliers/factory, wholesale high-quality products of Aerial Working Platform Truck R & D and manufacturing, we have the perfect after-sales service and technical support. Look forward to your cooperation!

China High-altitude Operation Truck Suppliers

High-Altitude Operation Truck, Aerial work truck, Sky lift truck, Overhead Working Truck transport refers to the staff and equipment to the site to be used and air operations of special vehicles.

Multifunctional and multipurpose
Through the big arm front bracket, can be quickly installed lifting device or platform, realize the material function such as lifting, lifting, and manned aerial work, at the same time to extension assignments device and a variety of work device quickly switch provides the interface.
3 d rotation lift
Design three-dimensional rotating lift device, already can keep by lifting material profile automatically, and can realize the lifting materials in space any height, any location and any direction adjustment request, sensitive speed control precision, micro performance is good, can meet the large underground structure in high altitude and ventilation pipe installation requirements.
According to the form of its lifting mechanism, generally can be divided into the telescopic arm type (ZhiBeiShi), folding arm type (crank arm type), vertical lift and hybrid four basic forms, etc.
Shear fork
Shear fork overhead working truck aerial work special equipment is widely used. The mechanical structure of it, make the lifting platform lifting has high stability, wide operating platform and high bearing capacity, larger, and the area of aerial work for many people work at the same time. It makes the work high above the more efficient, safe and more security.
Telescopic jib
Telescopic boom type aerial work platform is in the service in various industries aerial work, equipment installation, maintenance and other mobility aerial work products. Telescopic boom type aerial work platform is mainly divided into ZhiBeiShi aerial work platform and arm type aerial work platform. More used in the shipyard and other highly demanding place, this kind of machine safety is good, easy to move, but the cost is very high.
The crank arm type
Crank arm type overhead working truck mobile convenience, crank arm structure is compact. The new type of high quality steel, high strength, light weight, direct access to the alternating current (ac) or the power to start the car itself, construction speed is quick, with a telescopic boom, workbench extension, as well as rise, still can rotate 360 degrees, the obstacles to reach the working position, is the ideal aerial work equipment.

The crank arm type aerial work platform

Set of cylinder type
Set of overhead working truck cylinder type is a multipurpose aerial work machinery, its function will be carrying workers and use of equipment platform to the specified height carries on the special engineering equipment of the air. This equipment is widely used in industrial workshop, tall hall, warehouse, station, the work high above the square, etc. The machine by the platform, telescopic oil cylinder, single or dual ladder ladder type type anti-rotating tank body, chassis, leg, wheel, etc. Have telescopic cylinder direct jack-up platform, when start the motor, driven by the motor gear pump oil, the oil valve and electromagnetic input channels with oil cylinder, telescopic cylinder is up one by one day, when the platform when the system pressure reaches the maximum height to reach the rated working pressure, at this time have the unloading overflow valve, oil pressure to keep work at constant pressure, after the stop check valve pressure maintaining, platform will stay in the largest working position, platform can be below the maximum height according to the height of the scene of the homework stay at any position.
Working device
Overhead working truck working device including the leg mechanism, the lifting mechanism, slewing mechanism, operation platform and leveling mechanism, etc.
(1) the leg mechanism

Currently use hydraulic leg more. Use of automobile engine out of power to drive the hydraulic pump, through the control valve hydraulic pump of hydraulic oil supply working cylinder of the hydraulic leg, leg is adjustable. On both sides of overhead working truck, general equipped with a joystick, can make the four hydraulic leg around alone extend or retract, so even on uneven or dumping ground, also can adjust the body to the level state, the safe operation.

(2) the lifting mechanism
The rise and fall of implementation work platform and transformer.
Vertical lift lifting mechanism according to the transmission mode can be divided into hydraulic drive and mechanical drive, according to its structure can be divided into crossover scissors and sleeve. Cross scissors according to cross to decorate, articulated into scissors in the shape of a connecting rod frame structure. When changing the Angle of the connecting rod cross the lifting movement. The change of the connecting rod cross Angle, through the hydraulic oil cylinder piston rod or wire rope for release. Telescopic girder, box-type or cylindrical, finished with a multi sleeve telescopic lifting movement, drive mode can use hydraulic transmission or wire rope pulley. The job of lifting mechanism of vertical lift height is limited, scope of work is lesser, but the work platform is bigger, and support and stability.

Telescopic crane lifting mechanism of movable arm type can be divided into type or ZhiBeiShi, folding arm type or crank arm type, mixing arm type, this is the mainstream form of lifting mechanism. Telescopic arm lifting mechanism by multiple class suits, scalable box arm, including basic arm and telescopic arm, telescopic boom section for a day or more, the internode is equipped with hydraulic cylinder. When the hydraulic cylinder is working, the arm driven by hydraulic cylinder piston rod can slide up and down the guide element, which changes the length of the boom. Folding arm lifting mechanism composed of multiple box arms folded, can be divided into the folding and folding, folding and unfolding of each knuckle arm performed by each internode of hydraulic cylinder. Can complete a certain height and scope of operation, the folding space under ground plane can be completed homework. Mixing arm lifting mechanism consists of folding arm and telescopic boom, combined with the advantages of both, to expand the height of the homework and amplitude, and have strong ability of the disabled.

(3) the slewing mechanism
Usually takes the rotary swing mechanism, and reversing the direction can undertake choosing according to the requirements of the job. With reduction effect is usually driven by hydraulic motor rotating mechanical rotary device. Slewing mechanism of rotary parts and operation platform are installed on the rotary bearing the turntable. Drive device is fixed on the turntable, its bottom is equipped with drive gear. Rotary bearing by inner gear ring of the turntable and connected to the frame fixed seat. When the driver turns, the gear and the fixed ring gear meshing, along the ring gear rolling gear, drive turntable rotation. Between the turntable and the fixed gear ring seat with a ball or roller, in order to reduce the frictional resistance of turntable. Slewing mechanism of mechanical transmission form can use worm worm gear, cycloidal or planetary gear transmission ways.

(4) the work platform and leveling mechanism
The end connection of lifting mechanism of operation platform, is used for basic building blocks for the manned or equipment. In order to ensure the safety work and prevent equipment operation personnel, on the structure and performance of the work platform put forward specific requirements. Such as platform barrier height, width, non-slip surface platform, platform of seat belts, and so on.

In order to make the work platform at the bottom of the plane is always in the process of operation level, the work high above the car is equipped with automatic leveling work platform level institutions, mainly mechanical, liquid machine combination, electrohydraulic combined three categories.
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