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Road Sweeper

Product categories of Road Sweeper, we are specialized manufacturers from China, Road Sweeper, Street Sweeper Truck suppliers/factory, wholesale high-quality products of Sweeper Truck R & D and manufacturing, we have the perfect after-sales service and technical support. Look forward to your cooperation!

China Road Sweeper Suppliers

Sweeper (Sweeper Truck) as one sweeper sanitation equipment, is a set of road cleaning, garbage collection and transportation as one of the new and efficient cleaning equipment.

Sweeper (sweeper truck) Road Sweeper as one sanitation equipment, is a set of road cleaning, garbage collection and transportation as one of the new and efficient cleaning equipment. It can be widely used in road sweeping trunk roads, municipal and airport pavement, urban residential areas, parks and the like. Road sweeper can clean not only refuse, but can also be on the air medium road dust purification, both to ensure the appearance of the road, to maintain environmental hygiene, to maintain a good working condition of the road, there are to reduce and prevent traffic accidents the occurrence and further extend the life of the pavement. In the domestic use of the road sweeper Pavement Maintenance has become a trend.
Sweeper is equipped with a sweeping brush cleaning system dedicated sanitation vehicles, mainly for medium-sized city sanitation department for cleaning operations work. Sweeper greatly liberated the intensity of the work of sanitation workers, improve work efficiency, reduce dust and other secondary pollution.

Classification practices
(1), hand push sweeper and walk-behind sweeper
Road sweeping vehicles (4)
(2), self-propelled sweeper
(3), pure broom sweeper
(4), suction sweeper broom
(5), pure suction sweeper (multi-purpose all-suction sweeper)
(6), a dry road sweeping vehicles (cleaning vehicles)
(7), wet sweeper
(8), the full suction sweeper

Chassis Category
Dongfeng road sweeping vehicles, Qingling sweeper, sweeper JMC

All kinds of sweeper
1, the dry sweeper Introduction
Dry sweeper is a kind of new road sweeper, do not spray brush, all stream operations, relying on aerodynamic principles, the leading technology experts, and have independent intellectual property rights, Luoyang Chi windmill industry Limited self-development, development and production of clean road sweeper brand all with airflow, do not brush, not water, not a dust, no secondary dust, vacuum clean road vehicles will greatly reduce the widespread use of air can content of respirable particulate matter, completely solve the serious problem of dust pollution, it is an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient new modern sanitation products, the product of environmental technical indicators higher than the national industry standard.

2, multi-purpose all-suction sweeper features
Multi-functional suction sweeper is the use of patented technology developed a new product, it has changed the traditional way of using a conventional sweeper brush roll disk brush sweep, and in all to complete the job stream, use of air movement to dust and garbage collection stored, and therefore very efficient. This product can effectively reduce dust pollution and improve air quality, reduce air respirable particulate matter content, improve people's living environment. Features:
· Full dry suction sweeper. When the job is completed all with airflow, blowing smoke combined, no secondary dust.
· Do not brush without water, energy conservation, dry suction, a car off, the ground clean.
· Good cleaning effect. From tens of microns to dust generally small stones, leaves and other debris can be effectively cleared, the cleaning efficiency of 98%, described as "ten times better than sweeping suck again."
Simple structure, less wearing parts, easy maintenance, simple operation.
• Use low maintenance costs.

Sweeper uses

Why do I need to use sweeper?
First, the traditional answer: sweeper for sweeping, cleaning and washing cars for a variety of dry ground.

Second, professional answer: sweeper can not only solve problems but also the user can get more profit.

Third, the sweeper can address the following issues:

1, people living in the dusty environment of health problems;
2, environmental indicators by national laws or local regulatory requirements;
3, due to dust or debris caused by premature excessive road damage problem;
4, workshop products are dust pollution;
5, production workshop fixed or mobile machines are dust pollution;

Fourth, can bring greater profits (or savings):

1, sweeper sweeping vacuum system is equivalent to 6-40 times the artificial;
2, to reduce the degree of dust pollution (saving time and money, reduce manual cleaning of the product appearance, cleaning and maintenance of machinery and equipment as well as periodic environmental sanitation, etc.)
3, improve work efficiency, while improving the operator's enthusiasm for work;
4, a good clean environment not only improve the city's image, but also more conducive to positive urban culture construction and public works.
Fifth, mechanical sweeper artificial comparison
1, the working efficiency, on the same area of operation time is greatly reduced;
2, cleaning costs, cleaning costs can be sure that the mechanical unit area is even lower than the manual;
3, cleaning, mechanical cleaning agents to avoid uneven cleaning effect is not unified;
4, safety performance, so safe cleaners Language Environment (too many vehicles on the road, their security awareness is not strong)
5, the economic returns to a car, for example, it stops the day spent a total of how much to use, is its true price. In addition to the investment costs, as well as operating costs and labor consumption costs.

Operation sequence

A: cleaning work
1 Turn on the power control box, point to the control valve position, vice valve
2 Start auxiliary engine
3 auxiliary engine clutch control button, point co-location, fans began to work
4 vacuum box pointing down position control knob
The left or right scan disk scan disk control knob pointing down position 5
6 left or right rotation sweep sweep rotary control knob to point forward position (left disc clockwise, right disc counterclockwise)
7 water left and right spray after spray control button toward the open position
8 pump control knob toward the open position
9 an appropriate vehicle speed, the cleaning operation starts

Two: End cleaning
The vehicle is stopped with 1
2 water pump controls, water controls the left and right spray control knob after the water control knob pointing to the OFF position
3 broom controls point to the middle position
4 point rise scan disk controls the position, and then point to the middle position
5 liter vacuum box controls point, and then point to the middle position
6 Deputy engine clutch control button to the location points, and then point to the middle position
7 control valve key point to the middle position
8 engine shut deputy
9 Close the control box power supply

Three: unloading garbage
1 The control box is powered on, the control valve of the control knob points to the location of the main valve
2 main engine of the vehicle start
Depress the clutch 3 Vehicles
4 vehicle additional pump clutch switch is open (pull out)
5 at an appropriate speed clutch release vehicle
6 backdoor control box on the control knob pointing to the open position, 5 seconds and then point to the middle position
7 liter car control knob pointing to the location of the car according to the inclination angle of the control keys can always point to an intermediate position where the car stopped rising tilt
8 scavenging
9 scavenging is completed, the car control buttons pointing down position until the car completely after the return control to point to an intermediate position
10 backdoor control key point to the OFF position for 10 seconds and then point to the middle position
11 rubbish End
Depress the clutch 12 vehicles
13 additional pump clutch control knob off (Push)
14 at an appropriate speed clutch release vehicle
The control box 15 of the control valve pointing intermediate position
16 Close the Control Box power
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