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CLW GROUP TRUCK produce trucks specially for you we are the biggest special trucks manufacturer in China you can find all kinds of the special trucks produced in our factory and you can also send us the drawings and the requirement details to produced specially for you In our factory you can find more than 100 types of trucks such as LPG Truck LNG Truck Water Truck Fecal Suction Truck Garbage Truck Refuse Compactor Sewage Suction Truck Fuel Tank High altitude Operation Truck Truck with Crane Dump Truck Instructional Truck Van Truck Semi trailer Fire Engine Spares Refrigerator Truck Water Wagon Tow Truck Tractor High altitude Water Truck Bulk Cement Truck Chemical Liquid Truck Concrete Mixer...

Categories and Products

LPG Truck

LPG Gas Filling truck Tri-axle 60CBM LPG Transport Semi-trailer Dongfeng Tianlong 8X4 35.5CBM LPG Transport Tanker FAW 8X4 35.5CBM LPG Tank Transport Truck 25T Tri-axle LPG Transport Semi-Trailer ASME Standard 200CBM LPG Storage Tank CAMC Brand 10 Wheels Truck Tractor 36000 liters Liquefied petroleum gas semi trailer European brand liquefied petroleum gas tanker Semi Trailer 

Oil Tank Truck

Dongfeng Fuel Tanker Truck Oil Tank Truck FAW 23CBM 8X4 LHD/RHD Fuel Tanker Truck FAW 8X4 LHD/RHD 23000Litres Fuel Tank Truck CLW GROUP TRUCK Liquid Supply Vehicle FAW 4X2 12CBM Oil Delivery Tanker Truck JIEFANG FAW 8X4 24000Litres Aluminum Alloy Tanker CLW GROUP TRUCK Aluminum Alloy Tanker Dongfeng 8X4 LHD/RHD 25Tons Fuel Transport Tanker DONGFENG Teshang 180HP Fuel Tanker Truck 12CBM Dongfeng 180-210HP 12000Lites Fuel Transport Tank Truck 2016 New FAW Aluminum Alloy Fuel Transport Tanker FAW Aluminum Alloy Fuel Transport Tanker Truck SINOTRUCK STRW 6X4 25CBM Liquid Transport Tanker Top Sale JAC 120HP 5000L Fuel Tank Truck FOTON AUMAN 10000 Litres Fuel Tanker Transport Truck FAW 12000-14000Litres Fuel Transport Tanker FAW 8X4 23000Litres Fuel Tanker Truck SINOTRUCK STRW 6X4 17000Litres Fuel Transport Tanker FOTON AUMAN 6X2 22CBM Fuel Tank Truck DONGFENG 6X4 20CBM Fuel Transport Tanker Truck 

Water Tank Truck

Dongfeng Teshang 10-12.5CBM Water Bowser Tank Truck Dongfeng DLK Watering Tank Truck Dongfeng Teshang Watering Truck 10000L 12000L 15000L Dongfeng 4X2 LHD/RHD 13000Litres Water Tank Truck FOTON Forland 4X2 16Tons Water Tank Truck DONGFENG 6X4 LHD/RHD 18-25CBM Agricultural Water Sprinkler DONGFENG DUOLIKA 5-6CBM Water Spray Truck Brand New Dongfeng 9CBM Water Tanker Truck Dongfeng 2-5CBM Small Water Tank Truck Dongfeng 12CBM 180-210HP Water Sprinkler For Garden CLW GROUP TRUCK DONGFENG 5CBM Water Tank Truck HotSale DONG FENG 5CBM Water Tank Truck 100% DONG FENG 5000L Water Tank Truck FORTON Forland Water Tanker Truck 12CBM Dongfeng Duolika 8-10CBM Water Tank Truck DONGFENG 4X2 15CBM Water Tank Truck Dimension DONGFENG DUOLIKA 12T Water Tank Truck Dongfeng Kaipute 5.1CBM Water Sprinkler Truck Dongfeng 6X4 18-20CBM Water Tank Truck DONGFENG 12-16CBM Water Bowser Truck For Sale 

Garbage Truck

Dongfeng Swing Arm Garbage Truck 4CBM Dongfeng 153 Compressed Garbage Truck Dongfeng Tianjin DFL ro on ro off container garbage collector Dongfeng 14CBM Sealed Garbage Transport Truck CLW GROUP TRUCK Pure Electric Vehicle Capable Of Unloading Type Garbage Truck FORLAND Mini 4CBM Sealed Garbage Transport Truck FOTON AUMAN Hooking Lift Garbage Truck DFAC Duolika 10-12CBM Compression Garbage Truck Dongfeng Tianjin 12CBM Compression Garbage Truck Dongfeng Kaipute 5-8Tons Sealed Garbage Truck DONGFENG 4X2 14 Cubic Meter Garbage Truck Dongfeng Garbage Truck Can Hang A Barrel DONGFENG Hooking Lift Garbage Truck DONGFENG Duolika 6CBM Garbage Compactor Truck Dongfeng TESHANG 12CBM Hook Lift Garbage Truck Newest Dongfeng Roll Off Container Garbage Truck Dongfeng Gasoline 3CBM Small Sealed Garbage Truck TOP SALE DONGFENG 12CBM Rubbish Compactor Truck DFAC 4X2 LHD/RHD 10CBM Waste Compactor Truck DONGFENG 6-8CBM Garbage Compactor Truck For Sale 

Asphalt distributor

DFAC Asphalt Distributor Truck Bitumen Truck Dongfeng Duolika 6CBM Asphalt Distributor Truck SINOTRUCK Synchronized Crushed Stone Seal Layer Truck DFAC DUOLIKA 6CBM Asphalt Spraying Truck Dongfeng Small 2-8CBM Asphalt Spraying Truck DONGFENG 153 2-8CBM Asphalt Spraying Truck SINOTRUCK 8X4 Synchronous Chip Sealer For Sale Dongfeng 153 10T Asphalt Spraying Truck Dongfeng Duolika 6T Asphalt Spraying Truck DONGFENG 2-8㎡ Asphalt Distribution Truck For Sale Dongfeng 4Tons Asphalt Spraying Truck HOWO 6X4 14Ton Asphalt Spraying Truck SINOTRUCK HOWO 6X4 Slurry Seal Truck DONGFENG Asphalt Spraying Truck For Municipal Construction SINOTRUCK HOWO 6X4 Synchronous Chip Sealer Truck Dongfeng Duolika 6Ton Bitumen Distributor Truck HOWO 6X4 Synchronous Chip Sealer Truck Asphalt Road Spraying Truck Trailer Asphalt Distributor 4cbm DFAC Intelligent Asphalt Spraying Vehicle 6x4 LHD Road asphalt distributor truck 

Cargo Van Truck

Pure Electric Container Box Van Truck Yuejin Pure Electric Mobile Shop For Sale CLW GROUP TRUCK Pure Electric Van MINI Pure Electric Mobile Shop For Sale CLW GROUP TRUCK Pure Electric Vehicle Mobile Shop Truck JAC/JINBEI Mobile Shop Truck For Sale Guaranteed 100% Pure Electric Van Truck DONGFENG 4X2 8-12TONS Bulk Grain Transport Truck JMC Blasting Equipment Transport Vehicle Guaranteed ISUZU 4X2 Explosion-proof Truck JAC 3.5-5.5Tons Medical Waste Transport Van Truck Pure Electric Single Cabin Van Truck Pure electric Mobile Shop Truck Pure electric Cargo Van Transport Truck Pure electric Mobile Shop Van truck Pure Electric Transport Van Truck JMC 110HP Professional Blasting Equipment Transporter JAC Medical Waste Transporter FOTON Flammable Gas Transport Van Truck SINOTRUCK Blasting Equipment Transportation Truck 

Truck Crane​

SINOTRUCK HOWO 10X4 Truck With 26-50T Crane SINOTRUCK HOWO 3.2Tons Crane Cargo Truck Dongfeng 6X4 Metering Truck With Crane SINOTRUCK HOWO 8X4 27-40Tons Cargo Crane Truck SINOTRUCK HOWO Bucket Crane Cargo Truck Hualing 8X4 Truck with Loading Crane 12ton/14ton DONGFENG 4X2 Truck-mounted 6.3T Telescopic Boom Crane SINOTRUCK HOWO 6.3T Crane Mounted Truck FOTON AUMAN 10T Construction Crane Truck FOTON AUMAN Truck With Crane Of 5 Ton Capacity Dongfeng 180HP 7 Tons Cargo Crane Truck DONGFENG Tianlong 6X4 Truck With 12T Crane DONGFENG Mobile Truck With Crane 4Ton JMC Double Cabin Truck With Loading Crane Dongfeng 4X2 3.2Tons Small Truck Mounted Crane DFAC 4X2 LHD/RHD Crane Cargo Truck Dongfeng Truck With Loading Crane FAW 4X2 Truck With Loading Crane 6.3Ton Dongfeng Teshang 6X2 Truck With Loading Crane DONGFENG 4X2 Crane Truck Wholesale Price 

Road Sweeper

Gasoline Type Small Road Cleaning Vehicle 3CBM Pure Electric Cleaning Vehicle Brand New JMC 7CBM Road Sweeper Truck DONGFENG Kaipute Road Sweeper Truck For Sale Dongfeng Tianjin Vacuum Road Sweeper Truck New Designed DONGFENG Vacuum Road Sweeper Truck 2016 Dongfeng Tianjin Vacuum Road Sweeper Truck Dongfeng145 8CBM Vacuum Road Sweeper DONGFENG DUOLIKA Vacuum Road Sweeper Truck JMC 7CBM Vacuum Road Sweeper Truck DFAC Kaipute Vacuum Street Sweeper Truck DFAC Tianjin Vacuum Street Sweeper Truck DFAC Duolika 5.5m3 Vacuum Road Sweeper DFAC Tianjin 16CBM Vacuum Street Sweeper Truck Dongfeng145 170HP 8CBM Vacuum Street Sweeper DFAC Duolika 11CBM Vacuum Road Sweeper Dongfeng Tianjin 10.7CBM Vacuum Road Sweeper Truck DFAC 7CBM Vacuum Street Sweeper For Sale Dongfeng 5.5CBM Street Sweeper Truck For Sale ISUZU 5.5CBM Professional Vacuum Road Sweeper 


25.1T LPG Transport Tank Container Semi-Trailer LPG 3 Axles 25.8T Transportation Semi-Trailer Oxidising Liquide Tri-axle Tanker Semi-Trailer 13m Tri-axle LPG Transport Semi-Trailer For Sale 11m Tri-Axle Flammable Liquid Transport Tanker Semi-trailer Tri-Axle 9.7m Transport Tanker/Van Skeletal Semi-trailer 13m Tri-axle Liquefied Gas Transport Semi-trailer Best Quality Oil Transport Semi Trailer 10.5m Tri-axle Flammable Liquid Transport Tank Semi-trailer 12.5m Tri-axle Liquefied Gas Transport Semi Trailer 11m Tri-axle Corrosive Goods Transport Tank Semi-trailer 10.5m Tri-axle Transport Semi-trailer For Corrosive Liquid 13m Tri-axle Liquefied Gas Tank Semi Trailer 12.1m Aluminum Alloy Fuel Bowser Semi Trailer 10.9m Tri-axle Milk Transport Semi-trailer 10.5m Tri-axle Flammable Liquid Tank Transport Semi-trailer 13m Tri-axle Edible Oil Transport Semi Trailer 10m Tri-axle Corrosive Goods Transport Semi-trailer 10.6m Tri-axle Corrosive Liquid Transport Semi Trailer 13m Tri-axle Cargo Transport Semi Trailer 

Dump Truck

DONGFENG DUOLIKA 4-5 Tons Small Dump Truck Dongfeng 1-3tons Small LHD/RHD Dump Truck Dongfeng 122HP Small Dump Truck 1.9Tons Dongfeng 4X2 122HP Dump Truck 8.2Tons ISUZU 4X2 LHD/RHD 120HP 3.5T Dump truck Shanqi 6*4 dump truck Foton 1.5L 112hp gasoilne 3.3m dump truck 4x2 automatic dumping trucks of engineering vehicles YUEJIN 6x2 dump truck HANVAN 6*4 muck transport truck CHMC light duty 115hp dump truck Euro 3 CNJ diesel dump truck Dongfeng dump truck for bulk materials transportation Foton 6x4 drive dump truck IVECO 21 - 30t Capacity (Load) 6x4 dump trucks 6*4 articulated dump truck with environmental protection cover Dongfeng special chassis of dump truck 6x4 Drive Wheel new 12 wheels Dongfeng Dump Truck High quality 6*4 heavy dump truck Cheap Heavy Duty 22m3 Dump Truck 

Wrecker/Recovery Trucks

JAC Flatbed Wrecker Recovery Truck CLW GROUP TRUCK Wrecker Towing Truck JAC Flat-bed Tow Wrecker For Sale JIEFANG FAW Flat Two-in-one Road Wrecker Truck FOTON Flatbed Road Wrecker Truck FOTON 5Ton Wrecker Towing Truck For Sale SINOTRUCK HOWO 6X4 6+10CBM Synchronous Chip Sealer JMC Small Wrecker Tow Truck For Sale FOTON Flatbed Two-in-one Road Wrecker DONGFENG 4.2m Road Wrecker Truck For Sale Hydraulic Heavy Duty Traffic Towing 25T JAC Flat Two-in-one Road Wrecker Truck SINOTRUCK HOWO 8X4 LHD/RHD Wrecker Towing Truck Dongfeng Tianjin Flat-bed Road Recovery Truck FAW Hydraulic Heavy Duty Traffic Towing 30T JAC Flat Two-in-one Road Wrecker Truck FAW J6 4X2 Flatbed Road Wrecker Truck Guaranteed 100% FOTON Flatbed Tow Truck FOTON Aumark Flat Two-in-one Wrecker Towing Truck DONGFENG 4.2m Flatbed Truck Carriers For Sale 

Sewage Suction Truck

DFAC Kaipute Cleaning Sewage Suction Trucks DONGFENG Duolika Small 5CBM Sewage Suction Truck CLW GROUP TRUCK Dongfeng 4X2 5CBM Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck Dongfeng 5CBM Vacuum Cleaner Sewage Tank Truck DONGFENG Duolika 5CBM Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck Best Quality Dongfeng 6-8CBM Sewage Suction Truck DFAC Duolika 6CBM Cleaning Sewage Suction Truck DONGFENG 4X2 8CBM Sewage Suction Tanker Truck Dongfeng Cleaning Sewage Suction Trucks 8M3 DFAC Duolika 5m3 Sewer Dredge Truck Dongfeng Duolika 5000Litres Sewage Suction Truck DFAC Duolika 5CBM Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck DFAC Duolika 5000Litres Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck DFAC Duolika 6-8CBM Vacuum Sewage Suction Truck Dongfeng 6CBM Cleaning Vacuum Tank Sucking Truck Dongfeng Sewer Cleaning Vacuum Tank Sucking Truck Dongfeng Jiayun 8000Litres Sewage Treatment Truck Dongfeng 10CBM Vacuum Cleaner Sewage Tank Truck FOLAND 3CBM Vacuum Sewage Truck For Sale Dongfeng XBW Cleaning And Sewage Treatment Tanker 

Chemical Liquid Truck

FAW Chemical Liquid Tank Truck FAW 8X4 Chemical Liquid Tanker Truck 30000L FAW JieFang Chemical Liquid Tanker Truck 32000L FOTON AUMAN Chemical Liquid Tanker Transport Vehicle FAW Corrosive Chemical Liquid Transport Tanker Truck FAW JieFang 15000L Chemical Liquid Tank Truck FAW 15CBM 6*2 Chemical Liquid Tanker Truck FAW J6 8X4 Flammable Liquid Tanker Truck FAW Chemical liquid tank transport vehicle FAW J6 6X4 11CBM Corrosive Liquid Tanker FAW 6X2 13Tons Chemical Liquid Tanker Truck FAW 6X4 13CBM Chemical Liquid Tanker Truck FAW 8X4 Flushing Fluid Liquid Supply Vehicle FAW 8X4 18CBM Chemical Liquid Tanker Truck FAW 6X2 8CBM Corrosive Liquid Transport Tanker FAW 8X4 17CBM Corrosive Liquid Transport Tanker FAW 4X2 9M3 Chemical Liquid Tanker Truck SINOTRUCK Steyr 6X4 24.8CBM Liquid Transport Truck FAW J6 8X4 28000Litres Flammable Liquid Tanker Jiefang LONG V Flammable Liquid Transport Tanker 

High-altitude Operation Truck

JMC 16m Aerial Working Platform Truck DFAC Duolika 14-20m Aerial Working Platform Truck DONGFENG Hydraulic Lift Truck 10m Platform Truck Dongfeng Duolika 16m Aerial Truck Crane Truck ISUZU 16m Aerial Working Truck Articulated truck mounted 28m boom lift ISUZU Truck Vehicle Mounted Boom Lift 16m popular telescopic boom lift truck JMC 14m 16m aerial working truck Dongfeng 12m-14m bucket truck Scissor lift type aerial work platform truck JMC 28m yellow moving truck Dongfeng 4x2 truck mounted 14-16m aerial work platform Dongfeng 20m telescopic boom lift truck ISUZU 130hp lift hydraul boom truck ISUZU 3360mm wheelbase chassis truck mounted aerial platform 15m 4x2 Folding Jib Aerial Working Vehicle 16m High Altitude Work Platform Aerial Truck Vehicle DFAC 14m Aerial Work Platform Manlift Truck Dongfeng Aerial Manlift Work Platform Truck 

Fecal Suction Truck

CLW GROUP TRUCK Foton Fecal suction truck DONGFENG 4-5CBM Vacuum Fecal Suction Truck DONGFENG DFAC 8CBM Vacuum Fecal Suction Truck DONGFENG 5CBM Vacuum Fecal Suction Truck FOTON 5CBM Vacuum Fecal Suction Truck DFAC Kaipute 5CBM Fecal Suction Truck Dongfeng 5CBM Fecal Suction Truck For Sale FOLAND Small 3CBM Cheap Fecal Suction Truck DONGFENG Tianjin 10CBM Waste Water Suction Truck DONGFENG 8CBM Vacuum Fecal Suction Truck DFAC Duolika 6-7CBM Vacuum Fecal Suction Truck Dongfeng Small 4CBM Vaccum Fecal Truck Dongfeng Duolika 8-10CBM Fecal Suction Truck Guaranteed 100% DFAC Duolika Sewage Disposal Truck DONGFENG Duolika 5CBM Vacuum Fecal Suction Truck 

Concrete Mixer Truck

FAW 6X4 10m3 Concrete Mixer Truck Dongfeng Tianlong 8X4 16CBM Concrete Mixer Truck DFAC Tianlong 10Cubic Meters Concrete Mixer Truck SINOTRUCK HOWO 10CBM Construction Concrete Mixer Truck Dongfeng Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Truck YUE JIN 2.2M3 Small Concrete Mixer Truck Sinotruk Ace 6CBM Small Concrete Mixer Truck FORLAND 6CBM Transit Mixer For Sale 3 axle 25 T Powder Material Truck Euro 4 Foton 8 CBM mixer truck 8X4 35-40cbm cement transportation truck New Dongfeng 4X2 5cbm bulk truck for transportation Shanqi 8x4 concrete mixer truck HOWO 6x4 concrete mixer truck Sinotruck HOWO 8-12 m3 concrete mixer truck Dongfeng 8 CBM Powder carrier for sale 8x4 powder material carrier truck for Carbon powder Sinotruk steyr 380 hp 8X4 powder material truck Good quality 6x4 concrete cement mixer truck 9CBM 6x4 mobile Concrete Mixer Truck 

Bulk Cement Truck|Powder material truck

SINOTRUCK Steyr Bulk Powder Goods Tank Truck SINOTRUCK HOWO 6X4 18-25Tons Powder Spraying Truck Dongfeng Tianlong 8X4 Bulk Feed Transport Truck FAW J6 10T/20CBM Bulk Feed Transport Truck DFAC 8X4 20000-40000Litres Bulk Cement Transport Truck Dongfeng Tianjin Bulk Feed Delivery Tanker Truck 10 Tons Livestock Farm Bulk Feed Carrier 15 Tons bulk-fodder transport truck 8x4 Intelligent all aluminum bulk feed carrier Shanqi bulk feed cement discharge/transport truck Dongfeng bulk feed delivery truck for sale Dongfeng 4x2 chicken food transport truck Cheap bulk feed for chicken feed truck Bulk-fodder Transport Truck for chicken 

Head Truck Tractor

DAYUN N9H 6x4 460Hp tractor head LIUQI Chenglong H5 6x4 430HP Tractor Truck SHACMAN 40 TONS 345HP TRACTOR TRUCK HOWO 6x4 tractor head truck Dongfeng 4x2 tractor truck Dongfeng 6x4 tractor to deliver semi trailer Dongfeng 6x4 diesel engine truck head Tractor Head 6x4 LHD Tractor Trailer Trucks Foton 420hp 6x4 Tractor Truck/Trailer Truck FAW 6x4 tractor truck head for sale High Quality Low Price 6x4 Tractor Head Trucks SHACMAN 345hp Trailer Truck Tractor Truck for sale 6x4 Trailer Head Tractor Truck For Sale 

Bulk Feed Truck

Dongfeng 4x2 Bulk Feed truck 12CBM Dongfeng Bulk Feed Transport Vehicle Bulk Feed Truck Bulk Silo Feed Transport Vehicle Bulk Corn Truck Dongfeng Tianlong 15-18Tons Bulk Feed Transport Truck Dongfeng 4X2 6Tons Bulk Feed Transport Truck FORLAND 20000Litres Bulk Feed Transport Truck Dongfeng Tianlong 30m3 Bulk Feed Transported Truck FOTON AUMAN 10T/20CBM Bulk Feed Truck FAW 20 m3 Bulk Feed Truck 

Engineering Van

Dongfeng Engineering Van vehicle Dongfeng 6X4 Weighing Apparatus Verifying Truck Dongfeng 8 tons Emergency rescue vehicles Dongfeng 4x2 Engineering emergency vehicle 80kw-100kw Mobile emergency power car 

Refrigerated Truck

Changan Small Refrigerated truck 1 Ton Pure Electric Refrigerated Van Truck Guaranteed 100% Pure Electric Refrigerated Van Truck DONGFENG Tianlong Refrigerated Van Truck JMC 4X2 LHD/RHD Refrigerated Truck For Sale Changan Gasoline Mini Refrigerated Van Truck Pure Electric Refrigerated Van Truck Dongfeng Tianlong 6X2 Refrigerator Box Truck JMC 100HP Meat Refrigerator Truck JAC Refrigerated Trucks for Food DFAC Refrigerated Cold Room Van Truck FAW Refrigerated Van Vehicle For Food Guaranteed 100% Small DONGFENG Refrigerated Truck DONGFENG Tianlong 6X4 LHD/RHD Refrigerated Truck Dongfeng Tianlong 8X4 Refrigerated Van Truck Dongfeng Duolika Refrigerated Van Truck For Sale DFAC Tianjin 6.1m Refrigerated Truck Dongfeng Tianjin 7.4m Refrigerated Van Guaranteed 100% Kairui Refrigerated Van Truck Changan Small Refrigerated Van Truck 

Milk Tank Truck

FAW 6x2 Fresh Milk Tank Truck 18000L FAW 6X2 16000Litres Fresh Milk Transport Truck FAW 6X2 16CBM Fresh Milk Transport Truck DFAC Furuika 5CBM Fresh Milk Transport Vehicle FAW J6 13000Litres Fresh Milk Transport Tanker Dongfeng 8CBM Fresh Milk Transport Vehicle FOTON AUMAN 8X4 16000-25000Litres Fresh Milk Tanker Dongfeng Tianjin 8000 Litres Milk Transport Truck FORLAND 5CBM Milk Tank Truck for Sale Dongfeng small 4x2 milk carrier truck Forland 4 m3 fresh milk tank truck FAW 3 axis 6x4 fresh milk transporter truck ISUZU 190HP COLD CHAIN MILK TRANSPORTATION TRUCK Dongfeng 304 stainless steel truck milk tank truck ISUZU 3000L diesel fuel oil transportation tank Isuzu 4X2 Stainless Steel Milk Tanker Truck 3000 liter water delivery truck water tanker transport Dongfeng 4x2 Stainless Steel Truck/Water Transport Mobile tanker truck milk cooling tank for sale Forland 4x2 Food Grade Cooler Milk Tanker Truck 

Aerial Working Truck

Dongfeng DFAC 18-22m Aerial Platform Truck DONGFENG TIANJIN 22m High Attitude Operation Truck Cheap Price DFAC 14m/16m Aerial Working Truck JMC 10m Aerial Working Platform Truck Dongfeng Duolika 14m/16m Aerial Working Truck DFAC Duolika 18/22m Aerial Working Truck DFAC Tianjin LHD/RHD 22m Aerial Working Truck DFAC Duolika 14-16m Aerial Working Platform Truck JMC Hydraulic Folding Arm Aerial Platform Truck JMC 10M Bucket Work Platform Truck Dongfeng Duolika 8m Bucket Work Platform Truck Dongnfeng Tianjin 18-22m Aerial Working Platform Truck Dongfeng 18-22m Aerial Working Truck Dongfeng Truck Mounted Aerial Working Platform JAC High Working Truck 12m 14m 16m Dongfeng Tianjin 18-22m Aerial Working Truck Dongfeng Articulated Boom Aerial Work Platform Truck FORLAND Double Cabin 16m Hydraulic Arm Truck Sale DFAC Double Cabin Aerial Working Truck 14m/16m ISUZU 12-16m Aerial Working Truck 

High Pressure Cleaning Truck

DFAC High Pressure Washing Cleaning Truck 6000L Dongfeng Duolika 4-6CBM High Pressure Cleaning Truck CLW GROUP TRUCK Cleaning Vehicle DONGFENG Duolika 6CBM High Pressure Cleaning Truck DFAC Duolika High Pressure Cleaning Pump Truck FOTON 3CBM High Pressure Road Cleaning Truck DFAC 4-6CBM High Pressure Street Cleaning Truck FOTON AUMAN 8-10CBM High Pressure Washer Truck Changan MINI High Pressure Sidewalk Cleaning Truck DFAC High Pressure Cleaning And Suction Truck DFAC Duolika High Pressure Sewer Flushing Truck Changan 3CBM Pavement High Pressure Cleaning Truck DFAC Small High Pressure Street Cleaning Truck FOTON FORLAND Small 3CBM Road Cleaning Truck Jiefang Gasoline Small 3CBM Street Washing Vehicle Dongfeng 3.5-6CBM High Pressure Washer Truck ISUZU Traffic Guardrail High Pressure Cleaning Truck JIEFANG FAW 8-10CBM High Pressure Cleaning Truck DONGFENG 7CBM High Pressure Washer Truck JIEFANG 4-6CBM High Pressure Sewer Cleaning Truck 

Flatbed Truck

DONGFENG Chenglong 10-16T Flatbed Trailer Truck FAW 4X2 Flat-Bed Trailer Truck Hot Sale DONGFENG 10-16Tons Flatbed Trailer Truck Chenglong 10-16T Flatbed Trailer Truck For Sale FAW 4.6m Flatbed Trailer Truck For Sale DONGFENG 6.6m Flatbed Trailer Truck For Sale SINOTRUCK 4.2m Flatbed Towing Truck JAC 6.2m Low Bed Flat Transport Trailer FAW Tri-axle 6X2 Low Bed Flat Trailer FAW Tri-axle 6X2 Flat Transport Vehicle Jiefang 5m Flatbed Trailer Truck For Sale FAW 6X4 30Ton Heavy Duty Low Bed Trailer DFAC Flat Transport Vehicle For Sale Dongfeng Teshang 10-16T Low Flatbed Truck JIEFANG 4X2 LHD/RHD Flatbed Transport Truck SINOTRUCK 4X2 5-7Ton Low Flatbed Truck DFAC Tianjin 10-16T Flatbed Transport Truck FAW 10-16T Flatbed Towing (Diesel Type) Sale JAC 10-16Ton Low Bed Truck Trailer Dongfeng Tianjin Flatbed Trailer Truck For Sale 

Advertisement Truck​​

Factory Sale FOTON 4X2 LED Advertisement Truck Changan 3-5CBM Screen Area Mobile Advertisement Truck Dongfeng Mobile/Flow Stage Truck Dongfeng Tianlong 6X2 Mobile Stage Truck Changan Mobile Advertisement Truck For Sale JMC LED Mobile Advertise Trucks For Sale SINOTRUCK HOWO LED Mobile Propaganda Truck DFAC Mobile Advertise/Stage Trucks For Sale Dongfeng LED Mobile Advertising Trucks For Sale Dongfeng Tianjin Mobile Stage Truck For Sale FOTON LED Mobile Advertising Truck Kairui 110HP Mobile Advertisement Truck Changan Moblie Advertising Trucks for Sale Foton 4*2 Mobile Advertising Led Truck ISUZU 4*2 LED Advertising Truck For Sale Forland 4x2 Led Display Advertising Mobile Truck Dongfeng 4x2 Mobile billboard Brand New 4x2 mobile advertising truck FAW 4x2 LED advertising Truck with CCC certificate 4x2 Manual Transmission Type Mobile Led Screen Vehicles 

Bulk Truck

Dongfeng Diesel Engine Mobile Bee-keeper Truck FORLAND 4X2 6-10Tons Bulk Grain Transport Truck SINOTRUCK STRW 39M3 Bulk Powder Transport Truck DFAC 6X2 18T Bulk Feed Transport Truck SINOTRUCK Steyr 33000Litres Bulk Powder Transport Truck Dongfeng Low Density Powder Material Transport Vehicle FOTON AUMAN 22Tons Bulk Feed Transport Truck Dongfeng 153 10T Bulk Feed Discharge Truck FORLAND 18CBM Bulk Grain Transport Truck 10-12Tons Dongfeng duolika 12m3 6T Hydraulic Feed Truck FOTON AUMAN 8X4 40CBM Bulk Feed Truck 

Mobile Truck

NAVECO 4-6Tons Mobile Restaurant Car Pure Electric Mobile Shop Truck Jinbei Mobile Shop For Sale NAVECO Diesel Engine Mobile Dining Car FOTON Forland LED Mobile Advertising Trucks Sale Diesel Engine Dongfeng Mobile Bee-keeper JAC Gasoline/NGBi-Fuel Mobile Vending Vehicle YUEJIN Mobile Vending Truck For Sale JAC Mobile Stage Vehicle For Sale FORLAND LED Mobile Advertising Trucks For Sale Dongfeng Ruiling Mobile Stage Truck Dongfeng Mobile Advertise/Stage Trucks For Sale JAC 136HP Mobile Stage Truck For Roadshow FOTON Small Gasoline Mobile Shop/Vending Cart DFAC Tianjin Mobile/Flow Stage Truck For Sale Dongfeng Tianjin Blood Collecting Vehicle Mobile Business Purpose Vehicle Kairui Gasoline Mobile Propaganda Truck For Sale Changan Advertising Truck LED Truck Propaganda Truck Kairui Gasoline Mobile Shop Truck For Sale 

Fire Truck

Dongfeng Duolika Fire Fighting Water Truck DFAC 2000L Water Tank Fire Fighting Truck HOWO 4X2 8CBM Fire Fighting Truck Dongfeng duolika 6 wheels water fire truck ISUZU 5000L Water Foam Tank Truck JMC short-axis transport ambulance Japanese firefighter truck 4000L 5000L 6000L fire engines JAC single bridge combined powder foam fire truck JAC single bridge combined powder foam fire truck 2 ton water foam fire truck KAMA new design 4x2 civil fire truck HOWO 6x4 10 wheels fire fighting truck Dongfeng fire fighting truck with fire fighting equipment Dongfeng 3000 Liters water fire fighting truck High Spray Fire Fighting/Fire Rescue Truck Dongfeng 6x4 diesel water tank fire truck Howo 4x2 emergency rescue fire truck HOWO 4*2 rescue service vehicles HOWO water tank forest fire truck price HOWO 4X4 forest use 5ton water fire truck 

School Bus

ChuFeng 17 elementary students school bus ChuFeng low speed 19 seats preschool delivery school bus 36 Seats Diesel School Bus For Exporting 36 seats Zhongtong shuttle bus for sale 


Iveco 5m length rescue ambulance car Transport wounded 5 meters hospital emergency car Gold cup extended medical ambulance car Newest Mercedes 4x2 Vito high Top ambulance JBC AUTOMOBILE GASOLINE AMBULANCE JMC TESHUN short axle rescue ambulance Benz 4x2 new style ambulance Ford guardianship type ambulance 2019 Ford brand new ambulance JMC LHD Transit Medical Clinic New Ambulance JMC 4x2 Transit Emergency ICU Ambulance Car Petrol ICU Transit Medical Clinic Ambulance Sale 

Dangerous Goods Transporter

Gross weight 9 cubic Flammable explosive diesel truck Foton 4x2 explosive transport truck Foton 4x2 explosive transport truck YUEJIN 4x2 Dangerous goods carrier truck YUEJIN single cab blasting equipment truck YUEJIN small 4.5T Cylinder carrier truck YUEJIN 2.5 tons Cylinder carrier van YUEJIN 5 meter cylinder carrier truck for sale Foton flammable liquid dangerous goods transport truck Foton flammable liquid dangerous goods transport truck Foton dangerous goods transport van truck for sale Foton 5 ton explosive transport truck for sale 4x2 Blasting Equipment Dangerous Goods transport Truck New pickup Explosive Transport Vehicle For sale Saic chase T60 pickup truck blasting equipment carrier Changan gas cylinder transport Flammable liquid carrier Small 4x2 Liquefied Gas Cylinder Transport Truck YUEJIN 4x2 dangerous goods transport truck New YUEJIN 4x2 dangerous goods transport truck 6x4 25000liter oil truck fuel tanker truck 

Sludge Cleaning Truck

Multi-fuctional 4.5 ton river gully dredge cleaning truck 

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